CABLE GIANT Spectrum formerly TWC hates their customers lies about service

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Oct 17, 201754m
CABLE GIANT Spectrum formerly TWC hates their customers lies about service
Oct 17 '1754m
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Spectrum formerly as TWC hates their customers and has bad service  and has thousands of complaints... It's time the World new... At 7pmcvst we will expolse this company the company  THAT DOES NOT CARE about their customers..  EXAMPLES:  Jesse of Lincoln,  Original review: Oct. 12, 2017 I used to think Time Warner had to be the biggest ripoff cable company out there... until Spectrum bought them out. Now internet drops constantly. I've been home from work for 20 minutes and I kid you not my internet has dropped 3 times already! It's getting out of hand and I just have to wonder how these kinds of places are allowed sell such bad service. Unfortunately I live in an area where this crappy company is my only option for high speed internet, ** Spectrum. Dreshaun of Salisbury, NCVerified Reviewer Original review: Oct. 12, 2017 Money back guarantee is a bunch of baloney. Was promised new customer rate of 44.99 for internet only... It's actually 69.99 after canceling cable... After 3 weeks of phone calls and wasted time, I'm completely and utterly over SPECTRUM. Let's not mention the installer. He didn't hook up one tv, he left my crawl space door open, left his tools and screws in my driveway, NEVER would I recommend Spectrum to anyone.   L. of Highspire, PAVerified Reviewer Original review: Oct. 11, 2017 Brighthouse, Spectrum, Charter whatever name they go under are liars. I got raises after I switch to Spectrum. Service was worse. They just did an update Cable flashed, was out for 3 hours with an Update. Turned on my Tv. Would not go on. Had to get my old tv to turn on the cable. Called Spectrum. Rude vile customer service. Turned them into the FCC. There are oover 21,000 just that found atr the stroke of a key...  JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR MY STORY!!!!

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