Episode 31: Explosive Church Growth in Iran and What We in the West Might Learn

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Oct 2, 20190m
Episode 31: Explosive Church Growth in Iran and What We in the West Might Learn
Oct 2 '190m
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Reports coming out of Iran say that the world’s fastest growing underground church movement is happening there. This, in spite of Iran being ranked the ninth worst place in the world for Christians to live because of religious violence and persecution. Women in Iran are especially driving the growth of the church there. God is on the move and it’s striking to hear about. Meanwhile, here in the West, Christianity is shrinking. People are leaving the church and our faith is increasingly out of fashion. Rather than viewing this change in the religious landscape as a threat, though, we believers in the US should view this as an opportunity. As our culture turns increasingly inward on itself, we have the chance to demonstrate the love of Christ as we lift our eyes up and out on those around us. You and I who are in Christ have the greatest story, we have the antidote for the growing despair and loneliness around us. Let’s be emboldened by our Iranian siblings in the Lord and share the love of Christ with those in our communities. The people may no longer be going to church, but we—the church—can go to the people.

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