AO Daily Show June 25th - S6 W06 Tuesday

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Jun 25, 20191h 4m
AO Daily Show June 25th - S6 W06 Tuesday
Jun 251h 4m
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AO Daily Show June 25th - S6 W06 Tuesday The AO Daily Show: Your Source of Real News in an Unreal World. In this episode of the Albion TV - AO Daily Show, Shozen and Bogul talk about recent news and events in the world of Albion Online - the best MMO RPG of 2019. In today's show Shozen and Bogul go over some of the recent news and official announcements before taking a look at what has been happening in the far west in the continent of Anglia. In the second half of the discussion, we pick up some questions from the audience and discuss the popular request to cap alliances and whether or not that would be a good idea. You can find us: Soundcloud: Official Albion Online Forums: And on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all your other favorite Podcast apps. Just search for the AO Daily Show or AlbionTV. Sources: Dev Talk - Solo Randomized Dungeons: Crystal GvGs on the Killboard is now a thing: Elsa clarification on Recruiters Mounts:

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