AO Daily Show: June 10th - S6 W04 Monday

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Jun 10, 20191h 10m
AO Daily Show: June 10th - S6 W04 Monday
Jun 101h 10m
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AO Daily Show June 10th - S6 W04 Monday The AO Daily Show: Your Source of Real News in an Unreal World. In this episode of the new Albion TV - AO Daily Show, Shozen and Bogul talk about recent news and events in the world of Albion Online - the best MMO RPG of 2019. Instead of the normal look back at the previous week in Albion we look at recent events in EOS that chronicle the fall of an Alliance that positioned themselves as a real competitor against SQUAD and OOPS. Differing sides of the story are presented as Shozen takes a hard stance against members of EOS leadership before sharing the stage with Durateen the Guild Master of Take Care. For the second half of the show Durateen provides details on how the most recent iteration of EOS was formed and of the drama that lead to its split. While they have differing opinions on the future of the EOS - Alliance, Durateen declares war on SQUAD and Blue Army, while Shozen declares “dead alliance” saying EOS is dead, End of Story. You can find us: YouTube: Soundcloud: Official Albion Online Forums: And on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all your other favorite Podcast apps. Sources: Last Monday - New Month, New Rewards: Update on Server and compensation - Progress: Video Guide - Intro to GvGs: Monday Off-Meta Show with Shozen and Tazzik - every Monday at 18:00 UTC:

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