7 I want 'cutted-up' pear & Angela Barnes' nuclear bunkers

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May 13, 201927m | se1 : e7
7 I want 'cutted-up' pear & Angela Barnes' nuclear bunkers
May 13 '1927m | se1e7
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In this episode, Aasmah and Lucy inspect more classic AIBU? threads and celebrate some fantastic creative writing by its users, as they imagine what the forum would look like in the hands of their children. Here's a hint: it's utter carnage.

We also hear some Trip Advisor reviews that would make you fear for the future of humankind if they weren’t so funny. And comedian and writer Angela Barnes provides some top class A-List adjudication and shares her healthy interest in nuclear bunkers. 

Probably not suitable for the kids, as there's some adult content. 

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