After All: A Mary Tyler Moore Podcast

After All: A Mary Tyler Moore Podcast

Published by: Ariel Fisher and Silvia MacCon
33 Episodes | First Released: Sep 21 '17
A cross-generational podcast dedicated to discovering and rediscovering the social, political, and personal impact of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Hosted by mother-daughter team Ariel Fisher and Silvia MacCon. A Modern Superior Podcast. Logo design by Julia Monson.
Addicted to Farm
May 2 '18
Rating:   2
Painfully boring

If you like politically correct nonsense about a show from almost half a century ago you might like it, but you should also rethink the decisions in your life that got you here.

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Apr 14 '18
Rating:   10
Great Podcast After All

I truly enjoy hearing episodes of this wonderful show broken down by such engaging and intelligent ladies. They bring such great perspective. I really hope they do Season 2 and beyond!

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