FAQ: Is there a Web Version of the App?

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Feb 27, 20130m
FAQ: Is there a Web Version of the App?
Feb 27 '130m
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As a premium member, can I get the premium content outside of the app?  

Yes, Access premium members can still get all the bonus content from a browser (Chrome, Safari etc).  The web version does have the search feature and the list of categories BUT the web version won't have some of the app features like being able to make your own playlist.  You can sign into the web version at AffirmationPod.Libsyn.com

Sign up for premium access at AffirmationPodPremium.com, then download the app at AffirmationPodApp.com, go to "Settings" and tap on "Premium Sign In" to login.

If you're having issues with it, contact us at consumer@libsynsupport.com 

List of FAQs with screenshots is at AffirmationPod.com/App-Questions








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