75 Worksheet Series – Time Management Worksheet

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Apr 28, 201616m
75 Worksheet Series – Time Management Worksheet
Apr 28 '1616m
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Time Management Worksheet

This month's theme is Time Management and you can get the free worksheet at AffirmationPod.com/TimeManagement

In this episode I share my top three time wasters, what I am choosing to do instead of the time wasting activity, and what will help me stick with the new activity.  

For me, what the time represents is important.  There's 3 questions I ask myself with each time waster:

  1.  How much mental energy is needed to engage in and absorb this activity?
  2.  What is the benefit I get from the activity?
  3.  What impact does this activity have on my personal goals?

Sometimes a 5 minute activity is still a total time waster because it sucks a chunk of my mental energy, I get little benefit from it, and doesn't contribute to my personal goals.

And it's important to note that your goal may not be to remove the time waster from your life.  You may just want to reduce it. 

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