Episode Eight - Molly Tindall

Episode of: Adulting - What's That?

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Nov 7, 201756m
Episode Eight - Molly Tindall
Nov 7 '1756m
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Welcome to “Adulting – What’s That?” because who knows what the heck we’re doing anyway? In episode eight, Molly Tindall sheds light on an incredible perspective shift from viewing life as a “linear” timeline to an unexpected, yet wonderful journey. Kirsten and Molly chat about everything ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy references to the beauty and hope that is a result of dreaming and possessing a heart of wonder. Molly generously offers to giveaway a custom hand-lettered print to some lucky listener! To enter into the giveaway, head on over to Adulting – What’s That? on Instagram and for extra entries, leave a rating and review here on Itunes. Molly is tremendously talented, she brings a unique and equally insightful perspective on life, and her heart’s beauty rivals her wisdom. Connect with us on social media – it would make our day to hear from you! Molly Tindall – @molly_tindall Kirsten Eason - @kirsteneason Adulting – What’s That? – @adultingwhatsthat Fig Tree Pots (ceramics business Molly mentions) – @figtreepots Other links talked about in this episode: Molly’s design website – www.mollystuderdesign.com Beauty In The Common – www.beautyinthecommon.com

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