Mar 10, 201723m
Ep 34 Acquiring property in an unknown land (case study)
Mar 10 '1723m
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Kym has tried and tested methodologies for buying investment properties, which have worked perfectly in his home state. But how would his property process stand up in a completely different city, where he has no knowledge base or network? Kym was tested when a new client, a leader at a high profile company in the United States, sought his help with the purchase of an investment property in Brisbane. In this episode, find out whether Kym was successful and what he learned from the experience. About Kym, : Kym Nitschke is an accountant, financial adviser and entrepreneur who lives and breathes the advice he gives his clients. Since taking charge of Nitschke Nancarrow Accountants in 2007, Kym has grown the firm’s client base to 1200 individuals and businesses. Key to Kym’s success has been his ability to provide practical, wealth building solutions for all people and circumstances. Whether it is minimising tax for a multi-million dollar business, a retirement plan for a high net worth individual, or business structure advice for a tradesman, Kym uses his decades of experience to develop plans for prosperity. As a Fellow Chartered Accountant qualified in financial services and mortgage broking, Kym offers holistic financial advice. A big believer in disruptive technologies, Kym has also developed his own accounting software and is a Xero certified adviser. More than just an accountant, Kym is successful property developer, builder and business mentor. Applying the advice that he gives clients daily, Kym has turned his first property purchase into a multi-million dollar residential and commercial portfolio. And as a qualified builder, he’s not afraid to get hands on with his property developments. As a proven success, and with diverse experiences and expertise, Kym is also a respected mentor to a number of business owners and entrepreneurs. Fellow Chartered Accountant Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Bachelor of Economics Xero Qualified Certificate IV in Financial Services Diploma of Mortgage Broking Management Credit Representative of BLSSA Pty Ltd Want to connect with Kym? Visit & Hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi, Apiro Consulting. Visit

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