Ep.19: How To Be A Confident Muslimah

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May 9, 202016m | se1 : e19
Ep.19: How To Be A Confident Muslimah
May 916m | se1e19
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In our sixteenth episode of our Ramadan inspired series named “Ramadan Ready’: We will discuss if women should be confident in Islam. We also talk about what true confidence is, the rulings of confidence in Islam and some examples of women in Islam who were confident. We hope that In Sha Allah you benefit and implement some of our advice. ABOUT THIS SPECIAL SERIES During this month of Qur’an, it is inevitable that Muslims will go that extra mile to perform acts of worship for Allah to gain His blessings and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In this series, we tackle the various issues that Muslims face on this month of mercy such as wasting time on watching Haram content and instead how to be Halal! And what’s more, we are In Sha Allah posting daily in this special month! As always, these podcasts are welcome and open to any person regardless of your gender, age, race or religion, so please feel free to subscribe/follow to this Podcast. Follow us on Instagram @ambassadorsofislam. Contact us in our email abcislam100@gmail.com for business enquiries, reviews and feedback. Leave us a review at Apple Podcasts. FREE GIFTS: https://linktr.ee/abcislam

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