AA Cafe #97 - Time

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Mar 16, 201654m
AA Cafe #97 - Time
Mar 16 '1654m
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Professor Jerry McCoy at the University of Tulsa explains time from the physicists point of view. What is time? What is it REALLY?
We live our lives by time, measuring our birth, death, seasons, days, weeks... seconds for the bloom of a pourover... steep time of a french press, etc.  But what is the fundamental nature of time?  What is the fundamental nature of reality?  This is deep.
We have a new co-host to the AA Cafe Podcast. Mark Brown (argentfork.com) and Brian Franklin (doubleshotcoffee.com) are joined for the first time by Julie Watson (tulsarootsmusic.org), who is our new roving reporter. In this episode, Julie interviews Jerry McCoy to get down into the minutiae of time.
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