AA Cafe #89 - Savoy Restaurant

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Jun 25, 201437m
AA Cafe #89 - Savoy Restaurant
Jun 25 '1437m
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The Kelamis family has been in the restaurant business for almost 90 years in Tulsa, and operating under the Savoy Restaurant banner for 60 of those years.  Evan Kelamis, the fourth generation in the restaurant lineage, sat down to tell us about his family, the heritage, and the Savoy Restaurant. Mark Brown (of Argentfork.com) and Brian Franklin (owner of DoubleShot Coffee Company) banter about the generations, the Savoy, and how in the heck this podcast got started. 

Music in this podcast is by 2ndMOUSE, Tardiss, The Polish Ambassador, Shadow Priest, and Lyndon Scarfe.  Mark says this is my breakout into a career as a DJ.  I'm not so sure.

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