Feb 18 '19
Rating:   10
I drive for a meager living

And this is the best radio.Sometimes I forget to tune in punctually.I got carried away listening to Danez Smith one day.They were a guest on a podcast with other poets.I had forgotten about my favorite radio hour.Ten minutes in, I unplugged my phone-audio connection.What happened?The Poet was there, guesting all over the Madison waves like a professional, like a virtuoso, like a friend, like a mentor, like someone tired and caring and open and halfway home.I thought I hadn’t unplugged my phone.Thought the world’s logics had turned into bracelets of smoke.I had to pick my brain up off the floor.By the brake pedal.Anyways yeah the guests are good, the topics salient, the voices earnest and damned smart, and it’s a wonderfully conceived and crafted show.

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