How Questlove Learned to Love Silence

Episode of: A Piece of Work

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Jul 17, 201723m | se1 : e3
How Questlove Learned to Love Silence
Jul 17 '1723m | se1e3
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Ahmir Thompson (a.k.a. Questlove of The Roots) is a very busy dude. He was feeling stretched thin, until he discovered the power of silence to let his creativity cut through the noise. To help him find that silence, he’s got one of Yves Klein’s Blue Monochrome prints on his wall at home. Abbi gets up close to one of Klein’s blue paintings and Kazimir Malevich’s “Suprematist Composition: White on White” and discovers how deep a single color can get -- if you just give it some time.

Also featuring: Ellen Davis and Anne Umland



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