Oct 24, 201717m | se1 : e3
3. The Victim's Jacket
Oct 24 '1717m | se1e3
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Detective Kenny Silvia is looking for a motive and thinks he's found one, but Forrest's interrogation leaves him with doubts. Support this podcast with a review ----> http://bit.ly/2x6pt17 ** Subscribe to "Start Here," the new daily podcast from ABC News, available on Apple Podcasts (https://apple.co/2pvq8Ws), Google Podcasts (http://bit.ly/2JZSK70), or your favorite podcast app! "A Murder On Orchard Street" is a production of ABC News Nightline, ABC Radio & ABC News Digital. Subscribe to the daily "Nightline" podcast on Apple Podcasts (http://apple.co/2kBeFp9) or wherever you're listening right now. Find more ABC podcasts at http://www.abcnewspodcasts.com

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