Episode 24 - Let's Talk Wellness

Episode of: A Different Kind Of Mommy

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Mar 29, 201953m
Episode 24 - Let's Talk Wellness
Mar 2953m
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In episode 24, I had the honor of chatting with one of my favourite influencers ever, Aliah Davis-McHenry of The Fervency. She's a wife, mom, entreprenur and sister-friend determined to help women + the community FLOURISH!  Aliah dives into Wellness +  why it's so important for us to practice taking care of ourselves + what made this her passion.  We also discuss some great things on the horizon that she's working on.

Don't forget to check out Aliah's new podcast called Live Fervently every where podcasts are offered and shop the great products on her blog site.

And mamas, listen all the way to the end for a cool product that Aliah is offering and sharing with all of us

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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