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Jun 1, 20172h 34m
3ShotsOfTequila - 040
Jun 1 '172h 34m
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The 3ShotsOfTequila Podcast - 040 TOPICS. Reinforcing Sterotypes, Keith's Overnight Stay + More FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM TO KEEP UP-TO-DATE WITH ALL THINGS 3HOTS... Instagram: @3ShotsOfTequila_ HOSTS: Marvin Abbey Twitter: @MarvAbbey Instagram: @MarvinAbbey Email: MarvinAbbey@icloud.com Keith Dube Twitter: @MrExposed Instagram: @MrExpsd Email: hello@keithdube.co Tazer Black Twitter: @TazerBlack Instagram: @TazerBlack Email: TazerX@mail.com SPECIAL GUEST: Marston Twitter: @Marston Instagram: @Marston Youtube: www.youtube.com/marstoncreates Want us to read out your dilemma? Have a question for the team? Wanna get in touch with us? Email: 3ShotsOfTequila@mail.com

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