08. I’m fine…it’s fine…everything is fine!

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Jan 23, 20181h 18m
08. I’m fine…it’s fine…everything is fine!
Jan 23 '181h 18m
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Only three weeks into 2018 and America already walking out here bald-headed. join us as we gather whatever edges the nation has left by reading the government shut down, the wh*te woman’s march, and Mo’nique’s Netflix boycott …for filth! listen to our black joys, contact us to share your own, and get’chu some healing & hoe sh!t. Follow the 3 Black Femmes Podcast! Rhythm www.instagram.com/rhythmkeene www.twitter.com/rhythmkeene Miriam www.instagram.com/jawnthebaptist www.twitter.com/stankofa Darryl www.twitter.com/phreedomNOW Visit Our Site: www.3blackfemmes.com Spaces Production: www.twitter.com/spacesphilly www.instagram.com/spacesphilly Send all your questions to and comments to 3blackfemmes@gmail.com: Use the hashtag #3BF to quickly connect with the 3 Black Femmes on any social media platform. This is a Spaces Productions podcast. www.spacesproductions.com

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