Aug 14 '11
Rating:   8
would like to see full episodes much in the vein of The History Channel's 'The Universe' episodes.

The coolest shows dealing with all things space have been of course, Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' series, and the near perfect series on the History Channel "The Universe". C'mon, you guys can take this to the next level. Go get Morgan Freeman for narrating, cuz he's mega into all things Space...and get some kick butt graphics artists for visuals....choose a bunch of topics showing the immensity of our known Universe, and VOILA!! You'll be getting science awards and pbs awards all at the same time!!!!!!Love,Neal (who wishes he could build a very realistic 'Space station" wing onto his house where there would be flashing buttons and automatic doors and a viewing room with futuristic couches and chairs that you could lie on and out the 'windows' there would be constant visuals of celestial events, planets drifting by, Comets shooting by, black holes growing ever closer to our ship until a blinding light from an accretion disk shoots out and we slip into the hole and come out into another universe with other star systems and amazing things to see. Just a neverending program built into an enormous green screen...basically like an imax there in my house sorta thing. lol. ok I'm a freak but it's fun to have dreams!!!!

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