blog 24 - recording a series - indoors/outdoors voices

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Sep 23, 200954m
blog 24 - recording a series - indoors/outdoors voices
Sep 23 '0954m
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A lot of news, and some production tips... while I ramble.  I'm trying reducing the size of the file by re-encoding the mp3 bit rate (or whatever), so i can still fit everything up here as podcasts.  You should be able to selectively subscribe, so if you want just the show, or just the blogs - please let me know if you can't for any reason. 

[I'll be adding new shows - Warp'd Space & Bingo the Birthday Clown - very soon, and will need to be sure and figure out how that all works so people can choose what they want....]

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Another tip from Glen (a new one, I promise).

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