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He was a fourth-line grinder during his hockey career, but Paul Bissonnette has outmaneuvered the vast majority of his peers now that his playing days are over. It’s often tough for professional athletes to transition to civilian life but in his first year out of the game, the self-described “kooky guy” known on Twitter as @BizNasty2Point0 has leveraged his massive social media presence into a multimedia career. Bissonnette is currently a radio color analyst for his old team, the Arizona Coyotes, a co-host of Barstool Sports’ popular Spittin’ Chiclets podcast and a web content producer of a five-part YouTube documentary featuring a litany of hockey’s top stars, “BizNasty Does BC.” He’s sponsored by New Balance and represented Canada’s NHL rightsholder, Sportsnet, at last month’s NHL Awards.

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