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Luc loves it.

I listen to this today with my grandson Luc , he thought it was brilliant , he is six , he thinks Donald Trump was professor nasty when he was a child

Rating:   9
Great chemistry between hosts

I have been listening to spilled milk for over a year now and I never missed an episode. Molly and Matthew make me laugh so hard every Thursday ( and other days too because I keep coming back for more ) .I love when they share things about their childhood, current life and parents . They make me feel better on a gloomy day for sure !

Rating:   8

Really appreciate this podcast and having the opportunity to hear various points of view regarding the Rockets. A few things that I think could improve are audio quality (woof it’s pretty awful at times) as well as omitting some of the repetitive tendencies Ben has. Love the guy, but he’ll often reiterate his point upwards of three or four times if he’s feeling especially passionate about something. Other than that and the fact that this is not technically a daily podcast as advertised, it’s an awesome show and I don’t know what i’d do without it!

great podcast. very intriguing and a huge mystery

well presented and very easy to listen to.

sensational! couldn't stop listening

loved this podcast and once I started listening I couldn't get enough.. very addictive and so well presented.

Where can I watch these great titles?

I've binged the podcast. Now how, where can I binge, view and watch these docs?

Rating:   1
Rip off

Ever heard of handmaids tale? Pretty much the same story. Fair and equal treatment of both sides? Hardly. This is nothing but left wing propaganda. Comparing conservatives to nazis and fascists. Which were actually socialists. Skip this biased antifa garbage.

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